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“Thomas Chalmers was arguably the most popular Scot and influential churchman of his age, but when he was first educated, ordained, installed, and serving as a parish minister in the Church of Scotland, he was by his own admission not yet a converted Christian. How could a minister of the gospel not believe the gospel? How this happened is telling of his context, country, and church, but it is not a short story. From a confusion of church and state dating back to the Scottish Reformation to an increasing secularism in and through the Scottish Enlightenment, the Church of Scotland moved increasingly away from its Reformation roots and the necessity of the gospel in Christian conversion, as evidenced in the early life of Thomas Chalmers.”

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Soul Thirst: How the Human Body’s Urge for Water Communicates the Need for God’s Provision, EMS Regional Conference, 2021
Dying to Go: The Life and Death Influence of John Urquhart upon Scottish Missions, EMS Regional Conference, 2020

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